The FastJet package is a fast implementation of the kt and Aachen/Cambridge jet clustering algorithms. Since v2.0, it also provides an interface to external jet algorithms (e.g. SISCone) through a plugin system. It was originally designed by Gavin Salam and Matteo Cacciari. I have joined them since FastJet v2.2 (June 2007).


The PanScales projects aims at improving the logarithmic accuracy of parton showers, the core component of general-purose Monte Carlo generators. The code is not public at this stage but we plan to do so in the (hopefully near) future.


This is an area where we gather 3rd-party contributions to FastJet. Although individual contributions are maintained by their own authors, the "FastJet team" has developed the generic interface (similar to a package manager) and provide some level of Quality Assessment to guarantee a minimal standard and degree of coherence over the whole project.


Seedless Infrared Safe Cone algorithm developed with Gavin Salam. This is the fast, infrared-and-collinear-safe cone algorithm ameant to cure the unsafeties of the JetClu and Midpoint algorithms used at the tevatron (and the ATLAS Cone initially introduced by the ATLAS collaboration for use at the LHC).


QCD predictions for the inclusove jet cross-section at NLO matched to an all-order resummation of the leading logarithms of the jet radius R (at small R)

Jet Quality

This is an interactive webpage that allows you to observe the effect of varying the jet definition on the reconstruction of heavy objects decaying to dijets at the LHC. It illustrates the importance of caref ully choosing the appropriate jet definition for a given process and at a given scale. For more details, see the corresponding paper.