Alba Soto Ontoso

Alba is a postdoc at the IPhT since October 2020. Before, she was a postdoc in the Nuclear Theory Group at BNL, working on jet quenching and on jet substructure. Alba joined the IPhT to work on the PanScales project. We are currently working both on developing new shower algorithms and on high-precision analytic calculations. Besides, Alba is still working partially on jet quenching.

Former Students

Giovanni Stagnitto

Giovanni was a student at the LPTHE between October 2017 and September 2020, under the supervision of Matteo Cacciari and myself. Giovanni has worked on a range of collider-physics topics including the definition of the jet cross-section, jet substructure (with analytic handling of machine-learning techniques) and PDFs. He has visited Stefano Forte in Milan for about a year. Giovanni has moved to ETH Zurich for his first postdoc.

Paul Caucal

Paul was a student at the IPhT between October 2017 and September 2020, under the supervision of Edmond Iancu and myself. Paul is working on jet quenching. He developed a new framework to combine vacuum-like and medium-induced emissions for parton showers in a dense quark-gluon plasma. He then studied the phenomenological implications of this new picture. Paul has moved to BNL for his first postdoc.

Lais Schunk

Lais was a student at the IPhT under my supervision from September 2014. She graduated in September 2017.

During her PhD, Lais worked on the first-principles understanding of jet substructure. She was involved in several key projects like the understanding of jet shapes, dichroic N-subjettiness ratios and the phenomenological predictions of the mMDT and Soft Drop jet mass distributions. Lais moved to DESY for her first postdoc and then decided to quit physics.

Former Postdocs

Vincent Theeuwes

Vincent has been postdoc at the IPhT for one year between March 2018 and March 2019, as part of his DAAD-Prime (German) grant. Before that he was a postdoc at the University at Buffalo, working with Simone Marzani. Vincent works on perturbative QCD and on resummation for jet substructure. During his stay, he has worked on precision physics for jet substructure with the ultimate goal to measure αs. Vincent moved to G\"ottingen for his next postdoc and recently decided to quit physics.

Davide Napoletano

Davide was a postdoc (on the OptimalJets ANR) between October 2017 and September 2019. We have worked on several analytic aspects of jet (substructure) physics. Davide has also workoed on the physics of heavy quarks. Davide has moved to Milan for his next postdoc.

Bertrand Ducloué

Bertrand has been a postdoc in our small-x group, working with Edmond Iancu, Francois Gelis and myself (on the DenseQCDatLHC ANR grant) between September 2017 and August 2017. He was previously a postdoc in Helsinki working with Tuomas Lappi. At the IPhT, Bertrand has studied phenomenological aspects of saturation physics, including a new way to resum collinear effects in the presence of saturation and the associated phenomenological consequences. Bertrand has moved to Edinburgh for his next postdoc.

Jihun Kim

Jihun was a postdoc working at the IPhT on jets and pileup mitigation between October 2011 and September 2013. Together, we introduced the SoftKiller pileup subtraction technique. After his postdoc position at the IPhT, Jihun returned to Korea for his next postdoc.

Main senior collaborators (selection of 5)

Gavin Salam

Gavin Salam is an expert of almost all aspects of perturbative QCD. We are now collaborators since 2007 when we started working on SISCone, followed by the work on anti-kt, FastJet and pileup mitigation together with Matteo Cacciari. Since, we have studied several aspects related to jet physics including, recently, our work on the Lund Jet Plane. I am also collaborating with Gavin on his PanScales ERC project on parton showers.

Matteo Cacciari

Matteo is an expert of jets and heavy quark physics and, more generally of perturbative QCD. Our collaboration dates back to 2008, when we started to work on the anti-kt algorithm, FastJet and pileup mitigation with Gavin Salam. We have since worked continuously on jet physics. We have hosted the Boost conference in Paris in July 2018 (togetyher with Reina Camacho).

Edmond Iancu

Edmond is an expert of small-x (saturation) physics and heavy-ion physics (jet quenching, QCD at finite temperature, ...). We are collaborators since 2005, together with Dionysis Triantafyllopoulos. Our most recent work was about the resummation of collinear double logarithm in the BK evolution at NLO. Besides the continuation of our small-x work, we are currently studying the physics of the propagation of jets in the quark-gluon plasma.

Mrinal Dasgupta

Mrinal is a long-time expert of perturbative QCD at colliders and, in particular, on all aspects related to resummation. We have started to collaborate in 2014 and we have since contributed several papers showing that jet substructure tools can be understood from first principles in QCD. We have also worked on resumming the logarithms of the jet radius with Matteo Cacciari and Gavin Salam.

Simone Marzani

Simone is also an expert of perturbative QCD and resummation, applied in particular to Higgs physics and to jet substructure. We are collaborating on the analytic study of jet substructure since 2014. We have introduced the Soft Drop algorithm and, in 2017, we made theoretical predictions to be compared with the ATLAS and CMS measurements of the modified Mass Drop and Soft Drop jet mass. Recently, we have written a series of lecture notes and carried on our jet substructure phenomenology studies.